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Underground safe operation of scraper

Yantai Junke Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly sells scraper accessories. At the same time, we will collate some relevant information about scrapers at a convenient time and publish it on our website for your reference. Today, the safe operation process of the down-hole operation of the scraper is introduced.
1. When entering the working face, first check whether the ventilation of the working site is good, and deal with the roof of the roadway and pumice on both sides of the working site.
Yantai Jun Department of mechanical equipment Co. Ltd. the main scraper accessories sales, at the same time, we will collect some relevant information about the scraper released on our website for reference when it is convenient.
3. Before shoveling, first clean up the blasting block paste, confirm that there is no obstacle before shoveling.
4. Before starting, we should first observe whether there are people around us; during the operation, people are not allowed to approach, in order to avoid crushing others.
5. In the working roadway of the scraper, the loading point height should be higher than the maximum size of the bucket 600 mm.
6. Scraper lights, gates and bells are in good condition. No grounding wires are allowed. Power outages and parking on ramps are avoided.
7. If it is found that the rear wheel is overturned or the fuselage is inclined, the shovel weight should be reduced or the shovel condition should be changed immediately.
8. When the driver of a scraper leaves the seat of the scraper, he must stop, cut off the power and pull out the key to carry it with him.
9. It is strictly forbidden to use pumice on the roof of shovel bucket of scraper, to gnaw hard bottom and large pieces of plaster with violent shovel over 0.75m. Large pieces between 0.5 and 0.75 should be centralized blasting before loading.
10. When mechanical failure occurs and maintenance is carried out, the warning sign "under repair, no start-up" should be suspended in the driver's cab, and other reliable measures should be taken.
11. When the overhaul arm is in the open state, it must be firmly supported. Standing and pedestrians under the arm are strictly prohibited in order to prevent accidents.
12. After work and in-flight blasting overhaul, the scraper must be driven to a safe area, cut off the power supply to level the bucket, and relax the braking and oil vapor pressure.
13. From the last shot, no smoke is allowed to enter the working face within 15 minutes, and no smoke is discharged.
14. It is strictly forbidden to stand in the bucket of the scraper to load guns and deal with the roof.
15. The working surface should not work on it if the road surface is not firm or stable. It must be filled up and padded firmly. It is confirmed that there is no danger of sliding or collapse before the operation can be carried out.
16. When bolts, wood wedges and other exposed lengths endanger personal safety or hinder work, they should be handled properly at any time.
17. Drivers must be equipped with an electric pen and must have an electric test before boarding.
Of course, the above content is only for reference, we are only collecting and collating, not responsible for verifying the authenticity of information, please be careful to adopt. Choose scraper accessories, welcome to consult Yantai Junke Machinery.

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