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Customs Declaration Procedure for Foreign Purchase of Scraper

When purchasing engineering equipment such as scrapers, loaders and excavators from abroad, the operation mode of customs clearance for import customs declaration is much the same. We collected some contents on the Internet: the whole process of customs clearance for import and related matters, hoping to help you.
Import declaration process:
1. Consulting Customs Declaration Company;
2. Confirm HS coding, confirm the information needed and whether it can be provided.
3. Making plans;
4. Purchasing equipment and delivering goods;
5. Certificate of China Inspection, Certificate of O, preparation of other information;
6. Customs Declaration, Valuation, Tax Payment, Tax Payment
7. Customs inspection, release!
8. Domestic Logistics Delivery!
The import of new scrapers is much easier, but the import of second-hand scrapers is more troublesome because the state has regulatory conditions and requirements.
Second-hand scraper import needs information: 1, packing list; 2, invoice; 3, contract; 4, bill of lading; 5, other relevant information(
Import two solutions: 1. Transfer Hong Kong to purchase second-hand scrapers, transfer Hong Kong for CCIC, O certificate, and then transfer domestic customs declaration, tax payment. 2. Handle imported second-hand scrapers from CCIC abroad, handle CCIC abroad, and then transport them directly to domestic ports for declaration. Second-hand scraper customs declaration cycle: the first scheme, customs declaration takes about 20 days; the second scheme, about 7 days.
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