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Notices for Starting and Driving of Scraper

Operating rules of scrapers:
Starting and driving of scraper
(1) When starting work, we should honk several cough horns and pay attention to the surroundings of the scraper. Pay attention to whether the parking brake is turned on.
(2) Start work and lower the lifting arm in order to get the best line of sight.
(3) Slowly step down the pedal control valve to move forward and backward, so that the scraper can start at the selected speed and required direction. When the left pedal is down, the scraper will move forward, and when the right pedal is down, the scraper will retreat.
(4) When the scraper goes up and down, the bucket must exceed the downhill direction. It can be used for braking when the engine suddenly goes out when it encounters uphill and downhill.
(5) In the work of shoveling, the lifting arm should be lowest, the bucket should be leveled, the control handle of the bucket should be pushed forward and backward, and the bucket should be leveled up and down when shoveling.
(6) Strictly forbid bucket down pressure, otherwise the front wheel will be off the ground and the forward force will be greatly reduced.
(7) When the bucket is fully loaded, it should vibrate a few times and shake off some loose minerals so as to avoid falling down and damaging tyres during transportation.
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