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Fault Analysis and Treatment of Common Problems of Scraper

The scraper can be used for loading, transporting and unloading of ore and rock, but not for other purposes inconsistent with the expected use. Drivers of scrapers must undergo special and strict training and be familiar with the various functions and structures of the scrapers. After passing the examination, the driver of the scraper should wear safety labor insurance articles and learn to use fire extinguishing devices.
Several kinds of problems are often found and solved in shovel transportation. Because of the bad working conditions and the long time of scraper, many equipment failures, bigger maintenance, serious aging and other phenomena are caused. For example, the end cap of the karma coupler leaks oil. This kind of situation should be handled without stopping. Night coupler is a transmission device installed between the prime mover and the working machine. It is a night device that transfers the motion force by liquid transmission.
1. Reasons for oil leakage of end cap: Vacuum effect caused by coupling rotation sucks oil out, packing seal, long-term operation of packing wear seriously.
2. Conventional shutdown treatment method; adopt the protective cover that meets the specifications, cover the coupling, grind the big shaft, replace the packing seal, dredge the reflux hole and expand the reflux oil.
3. Non-stop treatment method; Clean up the air pipe, regulate the relief valve, gradually reduce the pressure related to the outlet, adjust the observation, make it less than the rated minimum, until it leaks.
Reasons for Problems and Troubleshooting Methods of Scraper
1. Insufficient traction
Causes: engine speed is insufficient or hydraulic torque converter oil is insufficient, sealing is insufficient
Processing methods: adjusting engine speed or adding hydraulic oil, replacing seals
2. Torque converter heating up too fast
Cause: too much or too little oil filter obstruction with mechanical friction
Processing method: Keep the oil to be cleaned or replaced on the specified oil surface. Adjust or repair after checking the cause
_3. Oil pressure gauge pendulum frequently, the main ascending slowly
Causes: insufficient oil or filter plugging, poor sealing, leakage of oil, foaming.
Processing method: oil bubbles change the seals, eliminate leakage, replace the prescribed grade of oil.
4. After the engine goes out, the air pressure of the gas storage cylinder drops rapidly.
Cause: poor valve seal or valve damage valve return spring pressure is low
Processing method: Check, if damaged, it should be renewed. Gasket can be added under spring to increase spring pressure.
5. Steering failure, oil temperature rise
Causes: Steering failure, oil temperature rise steering valve or double-acting safety valve failure
Processing methods: add to the prescribed amount, clean the filter screen, check, adjust or repair
6. When operating, the door cannot stand or the unloading plate does not move.
Cause: Friction taper friction disc wear friction disc has grease dirt
Processing methods: replacement of new parts. cleaning
7. Slow movement of each part of the bucket
Causes: Loose pressure regulating screw of multi-way reversing valve, low loop pressure, low working oil pump pressure, plugging of hydraulic cylinder and multi-way reversing valve with internal oil leakage filter screen
Processing methods: raise the pressure of the circuit, tighten the pressure regulating screw, check and replace the seals if there is an internal leakage, check and remove the internal leakage, clean the filter and dredge the oil passage.
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