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Development History and Present Situation of Scraper in China

China began to develop scrapers in the 1960s. In April 1961, the Zhengzhou Construction Machinery Manufacturing Plant, the Engineering Machinery Research Institute of the Ministry of Machinery and the Xiamen Construction Machinery Factory (the predecessors of Yutong Heavy Industry, Tianjin Construction Machinery Research Institute and Xiamen Construction Machinery Group respectively) set up a joint design group to develop the first generation of self-propelled scrapers in China with reference to foreign prototypes. The design was completed in August of the same year. On December 22, 1962, China's first self-propelled scraper prototype C-6106 was born in Zhengzhou Construction Machinery Factory.
The single scraper has both scraper and transport functions. Especially when the transport distance is from 230 meters to 12km, its operation economic efficiency is obviously superior to the construction efficiency of other mechanical combinations. In view of this, in the 1960s and 1970s, the research and development of scrapers has been attached great importance by the relevant departments of the state. In August 1963, according to the "Key Control Projects of New Products 1964" plan of the State Science and Technology Commission, Zhengzhou Construction Machinery Manufacturing Plant and the Institute of Construction Machinery of the Ministry of Machinery set up a joint design team to develop and design CL7 self-propelled scraper. The CL7 self-propelled scraper, which was trial-produced in 1972, adopts hydraulic mechanical transmission, and its bucket movements are also controlled by hydraulic cylinders. Compared with the first self-propelled scraper, the product grade of CL7 self-propelled scraper has changed qualitatively, which initiates the first new era of China's scraper. Representing the latest level of mechanical and electrical products in China at that time, the machine was sent to Cologne, Germany in June 1975 for International Exhibition and won the prize of National Science and Technology Congress in 1978. In October 1978, two CL7 self-propelled scrapers were tested for the first time on highway construction machinery in China at Golmud-Xidatan section of the proposed Qinghai-Tibet Railway in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Machinery.
Today, several decades later, the scraper, which was originally carrying the mission and honor, is struggling. Although the scraper has considerable economy in the operation of scraper transportation, it is replaced by the combination mode of excavator or loader and dump truck. According to statistics, in the United States, scrapers completed 40% of the total earthwork.

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